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Fresh Water Fish


Stock your aquarium or pond with wonderful freshwater fish. The Sea Store has a vast selection of freshwater fish in stock.

Great Selection

Find the fish you're looking for. Our selection includes:

• Koi
• Cichlids

• Dicuss
• Loaches

• Rainbow Fish
• Sword Tails

• Plecos

Humane Husbandry

Be sure your fish come from a responsible, ethical dealer. All of our fish are from certified, specialty vendors. We only deal with vendors who use humane husbandry practices, and never buy from vendors who catch fish with nets or use chemicals.

Quality Livestock Guaranteed

All our livestock is guaranteed to live for 15 days or we will refund your money or give you a full exchange.

Clown Fish, Saltwater Fish in West Hills, CA

Contact The Sea Store  to find out more about our huge selection of saltwater tropical fish and coral.